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I shall try to define myself in a sentence with a pithy comment at the end:
I'm just an English bloke who lives in Canada after marrying a Canadian lady he met while living in Japan. Yeah, that old cliché.

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Nov 14 '12

Anonymous asked:

My dear sir thank you for injecting a much-needed dose of intelligent humour into my dash =)

You are very welcome. I would like to think everyone’s dash could do with more of my semi-regular injections. Indeed, I would be happy if I could make an injection into everyone’s dash, but I will be content with merely injecting the dashes of my beautiful and wonderful almost-a-round-number followers. After all, one does not want to inject too many dashes, lest one loses one’s vim.

Thank you for your kind and anonymous comment. I do hope I continue to inject your dash in a satisfactory manner for a long time to come.

  1. peachcherub said: Is a satisfactory dash injection anything like a hot beef injection?
  2. fuiru posted this