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Jan 3 '13

Lazy Tumblr Question for the Photographers

Let’s say someone close to you (for the sake of argument, let’s say your wife) received their first ever DSLR (say, a Nikon D5100) for an annual celebration (I don’t know, Christmas maybe).

Now let’s say it’s their birthday in the next couple of weeks and you want to get them something camera-related. What would you go for?

  1. steelopus said: Yes, the 50/1.8 is great, but realistically, I think what she would benefit from the most is a good solid, sturdy, tripod. She takes a lot of food photos and the tripod will eliminate the need for a steady hand. Also the Nikon wireless remote.
  2. cattyfantastic said: Psinedbrain has hopefully answered this for you but if not, a camera bag from Timbuktu. I got one for his DSLR last year for Xmas.
  3. lilykily said: Look into Photojojo, B&H (I get a yearly magazine) to start.
  4. sniffyjenkins said: 50mm/1.8 lens. No question. It changed my life. No hyperbole.
  5. karlfun said: Lens (the 50/1.8 is a beaut, but I prefer around 30mm), wireless-capable flash, memory cards, UV filters for lenses ‘she’ already has…
  6. dresspants said: A life model! (you can write off your time posing and your travel expenses to local cemeteries and abandoned houses on your taxes too - double win)
  7. killaguhrilla said: A good long lens with a large primary.
  8. scholvin said: A 50mm prime lens, for sure.
  9. goestoeleven said: A shutter release!
  10. cwj said: a roll of film
  11. toolatelurker said: 20 rolls of 35mm film. I dare you.
  12. curvycouture said: 50mm 1.8! It’s a great lens for beautiful depth of field, and newbies always love it. :) Only $100!
  13. inmi said: An awesome, stylish camera bag or a 50 mm/1.8 lens (good lens for not much money)
  14. monkeyfrog said: A macro lens for food and baby photos.
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