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Jan 3 '13


Over the festive season I availed myself of my in-laws’ extensive collection of Dilbert collections and admired the Wally character’s tendency to get projects that he knew would amount to nothing, meaning that he could while away his days doing eff all.

How I wished that I too could get away with doing nothing, safe in the knowledge that my insouciance would go unpunished.

This morning, upon arriving in the office I saw an email forwarded to me by my manager. He had added a “can you look into this” and the original message chain basically said the following:

"Hey I was a subcontractor working for you guys in spring 2006 and then in December 2006 I was paid $17,000 by the contracting agency for work performed for you that I never did. What should I do?"

  1. steelopus said: It’s a trap!
  2. felistella said: have fun with that.
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