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Jan 10 '13

My favourite part about last night’s Get Yo Nails Did farrago

In a nutshell:

  • White person accuses other white person of being racist for appropriating phrasology from a different culture
  • Person making the accusation of racism writes that the entire country of Australia is “highly racist” and “has little understanding/context for African American culture,” a blanket statement about a nation of 22 million people who come from many different backgrounds
  • Accusor fails to remove head from anal cavity for the duration of the farrago
  1. erinmargrethe said: Yeah, she’s a legit nutter. It was pretty hilarious.
  2. jigglebologna said: i also like the word farrago. also, i’m pretty sure that as a brit, you have vast knowledge of white men appropriating other cultures.
  3. do-over said: My favourite part of this post is the use of farrago. But I’m sure you appropriated it from some other culture, you white male creep.
  4. apricotica said: I just learned the word FARRAGO! Today is awesome now.
  5. fuiru posted this