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Jan 11 '13

This office is great

The agency temp who has been here a year sent out an email today to the people she’d dealt with in the company as it’s her last day and she wants to thank us, pleasure working, let’s keep in touch, good luck, petercetera.

I work with her pretty closely and her leaving is news to me. But anyway.

One of the executive admins sends out a message saying Holy Crap it’s [temp]’s last day did anyone get her anything we should put some money together and get a card or something can somebody please do this I would but I’m really busy petercetera petercetera.

A colleague in the finance department responds with basically It’s cool I got her a card, it’s doing the rounds, we got a small floral arrangement take a chill pill.

So the original admin person goes PHEW Okay I was going to suggest getting her a cheap gift card for Tim Hortons but that’s cool too as long as she gets something woohoo.

And that point, dear reader, that point there, with the whole Why don’t we reward our departing colleague with a coffee and a couple of donuts, that point there, was when I looked up at the list of names included on the email chain

and saw the temp who is leaving today’s name included in the original list of recipients.

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