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I'm just an English bloke who lives in Canada after marrying a Canadian lady he met while living in Japan. Yeah, that old cliché.

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Jan 18 '13
  • I have a job interview in an hour for a new position in my department that doesn’t look like a promotion but is at a higher pay grade so I assume it must be.
  • The list of skills/knowledge required pretty much matches exactly what one of my colleagues already does, so I think they made it with her in mind but union rules say they have to make it open to everyone.
  • So I’m pretty blase about the whole thing, given that I don’t think I have a swan’s chance in Hell of getting it.
  • It occurs to me that I’ve never had a conventional job interview before in my life, which makes the whole thing more interesting. It’s supposed to last an hour, which blows my mind. What are they going to ask me in an hour?
  • Look at me in my smart suit on casual Friday. I must think I’m somebody.
  1. rsmallbone said: Try to use the phrase “skull-fucking” as much as possible. That’s how I’ve gotten every job I’ve ever had.
  2. fuiru posted this