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Jan 22 '13

How to get a baby to sleep well

  • Spend about two months not getting the baby to sleep well despite trying everything every book ever written on baby sleep says. Use various rituals averaging ninety minutes in length to achieve 45 minutes’ sleep before baby wakes again.
  • One night baby decides she’s going to go to sleep by herself without rocking, shushing or elaborate dances. When baby wakes up in the night, she briefly cries, then falls back to sleep, which she’s never done before. Parents get no sleep as they are convinced their non-waking-up baby is not breathing.
  • On the next night, parents do not allow themselves to contemplate the possibility that their baby has somehow turned the corner into the blessed highway marked “sleep”. Everything they do is an exact replica of the previous night, including clothes worn, music played and dinner eaten. Baby sleeps as well as previous night.
  • On the third night, parents allow themselves to think that maybe, just maybe, baby has had a switch turn in her brain and is now a sleep genius and from now on it’s uninterrupted twelve-hour slumber marathons with weekend late rising.
  • Baby takes six hours to get to sleep, wakes every ten minutes.
  1. tj said: I think this has been true for every set of parents since Adam and Eve. (It gets better.)
  2. elizabite said: Anyone who has a “great sleeper” is either lying or drugging their baby.
  3. apricotica said: Babies are jerks.
  4. fuiru posted this