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I shall try to define myself in a sentence with a pithy comment at the end:
I'm just an English bloke who lives in Canada after marrying a Canadian lady he met while living in Japan. Yeah, that old cliché.

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Jan 27 '13

A Big Welcome to all my new Food Blog Followers

Please feel free to take a moment and look through my most recent posts, realise what a terrible mistake you made, and reconsider your process for following food bloggers.

28 notes Tags: FOOD
  1. inmi said: Yeah, what happened? I just got a bunch too…
  2. apricotica said: Fucking food blog followers.
  3. jezebelthegreat said: Same here. GUYS. GUYS. WE HAVE BABIES NOW. WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR FOOD.
  4. fuiru posted this