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Feb 22 '13

I got Five on it

1. It has been my intention for many years now that when I am a famous author whose publishers are willing to indulge his every whim, I will research and write a non-fiction book about silence.

2. It is also my intention that when I am a famous author and writer of magazine articles (being such a famous author and writer of magazine articles that magazines send him letters asking him to write an article for their magazine) that I will write a lengthy and scholarly magazine article on professional wrestling storylines that are based on Shakespeare plays.

3. For Romeo and Juliet I will use as an example the wrestling storyline of Spike Dudley’s forbidden romance with Molly Holly while his brothers and her cousins were engaged in a long-running tag-team feud.

4. The main difference between the stories of Romeo and Juliet and Spike and Molly is that RoJool (as they would these days be called) ended with tragic suicides, whereas Molly Holly ran off with a superhero called the Hurricane and changed her name to Mighty Molly.

5. There are no superheroes in Shakespeare plays, although one could argue that there is one Hurricane in The Tempest.

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